Showboating MMA Fighter Imitates the Ali Shuffle Only To Be Knocked Out By Brutal Kick To The Head Seconds Later

Joe Harding was battling against John Segas in the British MMA 18 in his hometown, Colchester. Harding had an upper hand in the battle and managed to win the first two opening rounds of the fight. This got him to feel a rush of confidence that led him to show off to his fans. He ended up dancing like Muhammad Ali in an attempt to poke and make fun of his opponent, Segas. While trying to show off, he ended up establishing his downfall as Segas caught him at a weak spot and ended up knocking Harding unconscious.  While Harding was trying to make a joke, the joke ended up being about him. This “joke gone disaster” led to Hardings’ demise as Segas saw his opportunity in this moment and shot out a high kick to the arrogant fighter’s head. Harding was out cold after that kick and Segas took advantage of this. He continued his battle strategy by throwing mass amounts of punches to Harding, keeping him on the ground. Harding might have survived the battle physically, but it’s safe to say that the embarrassment he encountered can kill.


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