Russell Westbrook’s MVP Victory Was No Surprise

With Westbrook’s 2016 season ending in a bit of a rough way, we were eager to see how differently his 2017 season would go. With OKC’s loss of Kevin Durant to the Golden State Warriors, Russell’s ability to be the unstoppable player we know he is and carry his team was taken into question.

However, the 6 foot 3 powerhouse dominated the regular season and managed to average a triple double, something that had not been done in 50 years. Our boy Russell pulled it off. His drive and determination were seen throughout the season, not letting his drama with KD in the media pull him down.

This is why it was no surprise when, on June 26, Westbrook’s name was announced as the 2017 Kia NBA Most Valuable Player. Russ was given a lot of outstanding competition for this prestigious award, but he was the obvious choice. If any other name was taken out of that envelope, we’re sure the stage would have been stormed.

Russ went on to make an extremely humbling speech, thanking individual players and his family. At one point, the man with the tough exterior even broke down in tears telling the crowd “I told myself I wouldn’t cry”.

Russ amazed us all season and we know we are in store for much more in the following seasons. 


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