Retweet for a Free Trip to…Mars?

Yep, the CEO of T-Mobile, John Legere posted a tweet and promised to give away a free trip to Mars if the tweet hits 1 million retweets. Now while this may sound like a crazy good deal, let’s dial things back a minute and just think about it. A trip to mars? Sure companies like Space X have said its a real possibility in the future, but right now, that does not actually exist. So, Mr. Legere, you are basically offering up a unicorn for some publicity. Props to you though, because people are actually going for it.

Best to read up on the fine print for this one. If there are no trips to Mars by the time it gets the retweets it wants, the winner will get $200,000 instead. Not bad, and it is the same amount that Elon Musk has said his shuttle to Mars will cost, but we’re kind of thinking that there’s really nothing that can come close to a trip to Mars.

The publicity stunt is a celebration of John Legere hitting three million followers on Twitter. He wanted to celebrate with something big and outrageous, but somehow the unicorn idea never occurred to him. Next time, he should really just ask us.


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