Restaurant’s Joke Sign About Offering Liam Neeson Free Food Actually Worked

Many businesses definitely find ways to attract celebrities and ultimately advertise what they are trying to sell and sometimes they just actually really want to meet that celebrity. In this case, Big Star Sandwich Shop in New Westminster, Vancouver, Canada just really wanted to meet the celebrity.

After learning that Liam Neeson had been filming in town, this sandwich shop put up a sign in front of their restaurant that read, “Liam Neeson eats here for free.” Not only did they put up the sign in front of their shop but they also posted a picture of their sign on their business’s Instagram! Talk about advertisement! I know that even if Neeson never showed up I’d probably stop by for a sandwich after seeing such a sign. Little did they know that their half-joke would work.

The Taken star shows up at that sandwich shop with a couple of people from his film crew to actually grab a bite. He of course takes a picture with some workers by the sign while he was there as well. Neeson’s new film, Hard Power, is a remake of the Norwegian movie, In Order of Disappearance. The drama film is said to be released in 2018.


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