Remembering Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain was an extremely famous chef and known for his award-winning series, “Parts Unknown”. For the last 5 years, “Parts Unknown” was Anthony’s channel of sharing his delicious recipes. He became famous through his love for diversity and culture in the kitchen. Bourdain has also written books on exploring cultural cuisine.

Bourdain was in France shooting for a new episode of his show when he unfortunately found dead in his hotel room.

The world is devastated as a profound and memorable human being has left. One of Anthony Bourdain’s friends, Eric Ripert, found him unresponsive in his hotel room. Authorities have stated that it was a suicide.

Even President Donald Trump was a fan of Bourdain and his talent, stating that he “enjoyed his show”.

Bourdain’s girlfriend at the time, Italian actress Asia Argento, stated that Bourdain was a man who “gave all of himself in everything that he did”. Bourdain stood by his girlfriend’s side as she came forward with accusations against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

It is certainly a time of sadness as this is the second entertainer to have recently passed away, with Kate Spade having taken her life earlier this month.


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