Relaxed Fit Clothing Is Taking Over Menswear

The styles and trends that are encompassed under the Menswear umbrella are ever changing. Some styles tend to infuse previously fashionable choices with futuristic looks and others pull from newer inspirations. However, men’s fashion is truly a cycle, constantly changing and never only relying on past trends in order to invoke new ones.

What used to indicate a sleek, stylish man may no longer do so, as the current market is leaning more towards a looser, more relaxed feel. In the recent past, a man’s worth and his fashion sense were marked by the structures, tight fitting, and sleek pants, shirts, and suits that he would wear.

The new trend is a silhouette that isn’t quite as rigid as seen in the recent past. The new trousers, sweaters, and jackets, that will be increasingly worn by fashion-forward men is slightly looser, while still being fitted flatteringly. No, this trend won’t be inclusive of those horrid flowing pants that you may have witnessed in the 1980’s.

However, a slightly looser fit will allow men a much more comfortable range of motion without the expectation that their suits and trousers had to hold them in as securely as possible. Another stride towards comfortable clothing options is with the use of combining athleisure and other more comfortable materials in order for the clothes to feel softer and less restrictive.

This dramatic style shift doesn’t tend to come around too often when it comes to men’s fashion. If you are curious to know more about how to execute this new stylistic trend, here are some ways to do so.

Relaxed Fit Clothing Is Taking Over Menswear

Roll and Tuck

Finally! It is acceptable for men in the workplace to tuck your pants into their boots and even roll up your jeans or trousers.

Relaxed Fit Clothing Is Taking Over Menswear

Layer It Up

Instead of the basic button-up, try layering interesting patterned shirt, a hoodie, or even another denim jacket under your blazer. Mixing the typically formal blazer with more casual pieces gives you a trendy yet comfortable outfit.

Relaxed Fit Clothing Is Taking Over Menswear

Comfy Blazers

Cashmere or other, lighter, material blazers are trending on the market. Consider purchasing one of these blazers in order to still look professional and presentable but be slightly more comfortable.

From drawstring waist pants to suede jackets, these new trends will not only make you look good but also feel like you can take on the world.


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