Real Lessons We Learned From Horror Movies

Horror films might feel campy and unrealistic, but they’ve got some unexpected insights to offer. Obviously, if you’ve decided to go to an abandoned cabin on a lake with a bunch of friends and a mysterious old man shows up, you’re in for trouble and you should leave. Don’t try and wait it out. There are still a few things you might actually learn though.

Childhood Fears Should be Taken Seriously
Kids are scared of all kinds of things, monsters under the bed and in the closet. In horror films, many of these fears turn out to be real. In real life, this may not be the case, but this says something about acknowledging when something bothers a child. The source of the fear may be imagined, but the anxiety is very real.

Remember anniversaries
If Friday the 13th means anything, it’s that anniversaries should never be forgotten. A year to the day when some careless counselors let a little boy drown, the counselors wind up getting butchered. Remember, remember the 13th of February…

Preparation Saves on Stress
A tactic some have used to sit their way through scary flicks is to read the script in advance. Once you know what’s happening, there’s no need to worry about any surprise scares. Same is true for real life, the more you prepare in advance the fewer things there are to pop up and worry you.

The worst monsters, are the ones you come up with yourself
Sometimes the things that are scariest, are the ones you imagine for yourself. All a horror film needs to do at times is to lay the scene, set the stage and your mind is there to fill it with fears.

Know how to stand up for yourself
Movies like Rosemary’s Baby have taught us to be careful about our surroundings. Things might look peachy on the outside, but don’t rest on your laurels and live a life without any independence, there could be devastating consequences.


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