Rapper Meek Mill Stays Busy After Leaving Prison

Meek Mill was released from prison in Pennsylvania several weeks ago and has certainly kept himself busy. In his first two weeks out, he focused all of his attention towards teaching the world about the truths of the justice system.

The rapper attended conferences with prestigious individuals, including governors and state lawmakers. He proceeded to film his documentary on his life through the justice system.

Meek Mill, who just recently turned 31, is sharing his story with the world and expresses his intent to reform the U.S prison system in any way that he can.

According to an interview with Lester Holt, Meek Mill hasn’t spent much since his release. He claims to be in constant fear of needing to return back to prison for violating his probation.  “I had eight years of probation that turned to 16 years of probation,” Meek Mill confessed. “Something is not working.”

Many prosecutors in Philadelphia are siding with Meek Mill as there have been rumors regarding the corruption of his original arresting officer.

To many, his punishment was too hard and should be lifted. Celebrities are also siding with him, including Jay-Z who is the executive producer for his documentary.


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