Prince William Embraces Baldness

The Day has finally come where Prince William decided to shave all of his hair off. Britain’s Prince William was recently reported sporting a new, close-shaven hairstyle during his visit to the Evelina London Children’s Hospital in London. According to The Sun, the Duke of Cambridge decided to go bald after being constantly teased by his brother Prince Harry about his receding hairline.

A source mentioned that Wills had sought advice from Richard Ward, Kate Middleton’s longtime hairdresser. However, Ward’s deputy, Joey Wheeler, was said to have given the prince his new haircut in a private session at Kensington Palace at a cost of £180. Mr Ward charges a base fee of £125 for a men’s cut and finish, according to his website. “Wills sought Richard’s advice, but it was Joey who was the one to visit the Palace and give him his new buzz cut,” a source close to the hairdressers told The Sun.

Some were so surprised at the price of the Prince’s haircut so they took to Twitter saying, “The real news about Prince William’s haircut is that mine is virtually identical to his and cost £6,” and “Why did Prince William’s haircut allegedly cost £180? He hasn’t got much of it left to cut!” posted another.

William looks incredibly happy and confident with his new look. Award-winning British barber and charity founder Tom Chapman said Prince William was joining a number of well-known names in “making the bald head sexy”. He added, “It’s a timeless look that has been on trend for many decades now.There will surely be people who comment negatively about the new look, but, if anything, it’s an example for all of us that the beauty standards we are all held to are a little absurd.


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