Places to Party Hard in Europe

Europe has a lot to offer for young people. History, culture, lifestyle and obviously a crazy nightlife! Some destinations though are better than others if you are traveling in your 20s. Berlin is the place where you can dance all weekend, at day and at night. If you’re into electronic music, that’s the place for you. Stockholm is perfect for the summer.

We suggest one of the various islands for daily excursions! Madrid is a fun and young destination: It’s perfect for foodie lovers. The local markets have the best tapas you’ll ever try! Rotterdam is a really cool place: It has a bumping nightlife and great museums. Not to mention that it’s full of youngsters cycling around! Lisbon is the place to eat great fish and stroll down the coast while cheering with the national cherry drink! What we suggest is to get a flight to Europe and then pick at least two of these cities and enjoy them with a group of friends!


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