People Are Now Selling Homes for Bitcoin

If you are one of those people who does not quite understand Bitcoin and the idea of cryptocurrency, you are not alone. Plenty of others have been trying to wrap their minds around this foreign idea of money for months.

Bitcoin is a digital and global money system currency, which allows people to send or receive money from the internet. One of the catches from using Bitcoin is that it cannot be traced to someone’s identity. There is no physical Bitcoin currency like there is for a dollar, euro, or pound. It is legal in the United States and various countries as well.

Now that people have become familiar and comfortable with Bitcoin, they have decided to offer selling their homes in exchange for the currency. Susan Vanech, who is the owner and realtor of a modern farmhouse in Westport, Connecticut, has decided to offer her home for sale in cryptocurrency as a way to reach new buyers.

Surprisingly, there are several out there interested in the house. For $2 million in cryptocurrency, you can own her five bedroom house, which is selling for 250 Bitcoin.

Susan Vanech is apart of the early wave of homeowners who are selling their homes for bitcoin. counted 37 families since the beginning of 2018 that have started to sell their homes for Bitcoin, and almost half of the homes are located in Florida. O

ne Florida realtor said that he expects that 25% of his home sales to be made in cryptocurrency within five years.


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