People Are Going Crazy over Ludacris CGI Abs in His New Music Video

Twitter users have taken to the internet to bash on Ludacris’ new music video for his latest song release, “Vitamin D”.  Despite the fact that we are in 2017, it appears as if Ludacris and his team were not able to make his abs look “real” in the music video. In fact, Twitter users have pointed out that “Ludacris’s CGI chest looks like those rolls I buy at 7/11 when I’m drunk”.

Ludacris was pretty quick to respond to the phenomenon online by stating that the poor CGI affects were intentional and purposeful for the story line in the music video. He actually is taking the criticism very well and making a fair amount of jokes about it. One of his tweets responding to a user said, “I did a lot of sit ups for that!” He even posted a picture from a previous music video where his arms and hands were also enlarged purposefully.

We’re glad that he is taking this all in with a smile and not responding poorly to his fans. It’s been some time since he has been behind the microphone and we’re just glad to have him back!


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