Paul George Was Praised By OKC Fans At The Oklahoma City Airport

The Oklahoma City Thunder is looking to get back on track with their team for next year by adding Paul George to the roster. After Kevin Durant left, it was clear that their season might be a little bumpy. Well, Russell Westbrook sure showed us that he can shine without former teammate KD, after he won the NBA MVP award this year.

Fans were psyched to hear of the addition of Paul George and fans welcomed him with open arms. On Thursday, Paul George flew into Oklahoma City airport and was greeted by hundreds of fans ready to take in one of the new stars of the Thunder.

As he made his way to give some high fives out to eager fans, there were screams of “PG! PG!”. George only has one year on his contract with OKC before he gets his player option in 2018, when he is expected to become a free agent. There is talk of him wanting to join the Lakers, but depending on how this season goes in OKC with Russ, anything is possible.

We would advise Thunder fans to not get too attached to Paul George, but you never know what can happen. We’re sure the combination of Russell and Paul is going to be a dangerous one and we can’t wait to see what they bring to the table.


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