Man Sent To Hospital After Eating World’s Hottest Pepper

Okay guys, we all know that there are certain characteristics that are perceived as manly. Strength, perseverance, and ability to withstand pain are all qualities that the manliest men acquire. Different dudes choose different ways to exert their manliness. Some of these ways include, but are not limited to, working out strenuously to build muscle, competing in virtually everything they do, and attempting to grow the longest, burliest beard. Now, those are some manly actions. But when, however, did proving one’s manliness by eating super spices foods become a thing?

During a hot pepper eating contest, one man put himself through more excruciating pain than he realized. The hot pepper eating competition included the consumption of the world’s hottest chili pepper, otherwise known as the Carolina Reaper. After he ate the pepper, he began to have severe head and neck pain, along with breathing very heavily.

He even experienced negative symptoms over the next few days and needed to go to the ER. He was diagnosed with having “ThunderClap Headaches”, a condition that occurs when there is a sudden narrowing of big blood vessels in the brain. After having testing done to see if there were any preexisting conditions that he could have had to cause the problem, doctors determined that there weren’t any other reasons for the sudden change besides having a severe reaction to the peppers.

This just goes to show that maybe going too far into the extremes of competing to showcase one’s manliness may not always have the most positive repercussions.


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