Oldest Living Shark Found

With approximately 71 percent of the earth’s surface being covered with water and 96.5 percent of that 71 percent of water being the ocean, there is no wonder that we have not been able to fully explore every aspect of the earth. Advances in technology and the expansion and development of ocean-related fields have uncovered quite a number of extraordinary ocean facts in recent decades; none more so interesting than the discovery of the megalodon, which is an extinct species of massive sharks that were estimated to have traveled the deep oceans century ago. 

Fast forward to 2017 where there was a recent discovery of a group of sharks that are estimated to have been alive for centuries; the ocean and its content simply never ceases to amaze us. The official reports are that scientists have discovered a group of well-aged sharks and the largest, which is the oldest is estimated to be as young as 272 or as old as 512 years. This discovery is a major milestone for the science community and even the layman can truly appreciate this magnificent discovery.

Whether or not this shark is able to withstand another century or two remains to be seen; however, the fact that it has lived this long in those harsh blue waters is truly a great accomplishment. This story does indeed engage the curious mind and leaves one to wonder about the other mysteries that the deep blue continues to hold. 


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