This Keyboard Feels Just Like an Old Time Typewriter

Lofree is a startup that specializes in designing some awesome retro accessories, like these awesome portable keyboards, inspired by mechanical typewriters.

The keyboard is available in a series of bright pastel colors, which is a nice break from the standard black/white/silver layout on your phone, tablet or laptop. They also look and sound ridiculously cute thanks to their rounded buttons, and mechanical switches, which give a satisfying “clack” when you hit them.

This Keyboard Feels Just Like an Old Time Typewriter

Yet despite looking to be from an era when granny always baked an apple pie, telephones were made of bakelite, TV was black and white, and people were sepia and walked funny, the Lofree is very much part of the modern day.

It uses Apple’s Magic keyboard layout, it’s also backlit for when you need to work in low-lit scenarios and works with PC, Mac, iOS and Android.


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