New Austin Powers Movie Potentially In the Making by Mike Myers

This past month, the film Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery celebrated the 20th anniversary of its release date. Many celebrated this milestone, including The Hollywood Reporter who created a memorizing compilation of clips of the movie, behind the scenes, interviews, and movie secrets. One of the videos they shared was of Mike Myers, the main actor, telling the director, Jay Roach, that he wants to make another Austin Powers movie.

Roach also mentioned that they “have talked about [making a fourth movie] for 15 years”. Therefore, if Myers is interested in bring Austin Powers back, he needs to provide Roach will a clear, cute out story line for the movie. Otherwise, he can kiss his dreams goodbye. “Until Mike feels like he has a concept that earns a fourth, it won’t happen”.

We clearly know why they would want to make another film as all Austin Powers movies have been successful in the box office. The Spy Who Shagged Me earned $312 million and Goldmember earned $296 million. However, Myers stated that it was more than that. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he said that he misses “doing the characters” as well.


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