Navy Blue Will Always Be a Menswear Classic

For the most part, people have an idea of which colors best suit their skin tone, hair shade, and personality.


Most redheads don’t typically opt for bright reds or deep oranges. People with pale skin may want to avoid mauves and tans. But when you find that perfect color, the perfect tone that suits you in every way, it can be hard to stray.


Navy Blue Will Always Be a Menswear Classic

To be perfectly honest, finding your perfect color and investing the majority of your clothing budget into purchasing items of that color is completely fine.


For many men who pride themselves on being on the cutting edge of men’s high fashion, navy blue is a color that they gravitate towards. Brands such as Saint Laurent, John Smedley, and Givenchy offer a wide array of fashionable choices for men.


With a variety of navy blue options, such as a navy blue crew neck sweater from John Smedley, it is easy to see why so many men choose this particular hue. Fashion icons such as Giorgio Armani even states that “For me, [navy blue} represents an infinite range of possibilities.”


Navy Blue Will Always Be a Menswear Classic

Navy blue is sophisticated and elegant while also being sleek and cool. The name “navy blue”  is derived from 1748. Royal Navy officers started to wear uniforms of this darker shade of blue and therefore, the name “navy blue” became its designated term.


With its past of being used in Naval uniforms, navy blue can be worn when one wants to give off an air of bravery, control, and power. Likewise, the color is also very popularly worn at professional gatherings in the form of suits or tailored pants.


Navy Blue Will Always Be a Menswear Classic

The popularity of navy blue as a continuously recognized trend in fashion doesn’t look like it will be slowing down any time soon. Fortunately for the fashion-forward men who may tend to find one too many articles of navy blue clothing in their closets, this color is one of class and versatility.


If you find yourself as one of those who has a large section of your closet designated for your navy blue collection, don’t worry. Navy blue has stayed consistently trendy throughout the ages and will most likely continue to do so in the future as well.


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