Nature Valley Pledges $3 Million To Help National Parks

Remember the days when your mom would pack your school lunch box full of sandwiches, carrots, chips, and Nature Valley Granola bars? As a child, you sometimes don’t realize exactly what types of food you are consuming- you just eat whatever is there because you are hungry. As an adult, though, there are many different factors that contribute to foods and brands of foods that you are willing to purchase.

Looking at the ethically of brand production, nutrition facts, and price can often influence one to stray away from purchasing the brands that they were so ready to consume everyday when their parents gave them these treats for school lunch. However, for those who continue to yearn for a taste of their childhood while still being ethically responsible in their food purchases, look no further than Nature Valley Granola bars.

These granola bars were often a sweet and relatively healthy treat to be enjoyed by many children for snack time, as a breakfast for people on the go, or for adventurers who needed a sugary, yet healthy, snack on a hike.

Starting in March, Nature Valley has teamed up with the National Parks Foundation and has pledged to donate up to $3 million dollars in donations to the service in the next three years. From March 1st to March 15th, you as a consumer have the ability to contribute to that donation. People can purchase boxes of six Nature Valley Oats & Honey Bars and 10 cents of each purchase will go towards the total donation.


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