Must Try Game: Settlers of Catan

If you’re a lover of board games and lots of fun then Settlers of Catan may just be the game for you. Published by Mayfair Games, it is a strategy based game where players must collect resources and use them to build roads, settlements, and cities in order to get enough points to win the game. Originally invented by a German dental technician, it took him four years to create this board game which he dedicated himself to after taking up such an interest in Viking history. While the game quickly became very popular in Germany, it wasn’t until recently that it began to gain fame in the United States.

Must Try Game: Settlers of Catan

Over the past few years, this award-winning board game has transformed from a small following of gamers into a mainstream hit. It is becoming the most popular board game to hit the markets since the peaks of Risk and Monopoly. The game is very popular amongst fraternity boys and has even caught the eye of football players, such as the ones from The Green Bay Packers.

Many find fun in the many expansion packs, which allow more than just the usual 4 players as well as new themes are added such as explorers and pirates rather than vikings or even a Star Trek theme. While these expansion packs are fun, the board itself is variable, making each game slightly different from the next. Name-dropping this German game may still receive some blanks today, but surely enough it will become a worldwide sensation sooner rather than later.


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