Misogynist Tinder User Attacks Woman for Not Responding Fast Enough

Nick, a 24 year old San Francisco based male, has been known to aggressively attack women on social media. An acquaintance of Nick, Kevin Tran, introduced him via social media to some of his female friends.

Kevin was unaware of Nick’s true intentions and identity. Kevin found out once some of his friends notified him that Nick has been insulting them, calling them “dumb cunt” or “a waste of space” if they were not replying quickly enough or if they dismissed him because they were not interested in him romantically.

Kevin admitted that Nick “seemed like a decent guy”. However, after he witnessed what happened to his friends, he took to social media to put Nick on blast, stating that “sexism and racism take many forms and it cannot be tolerated”.

Once Kevin’s social media post went viral, numerous women responded to it stating that they have had similar experiences with Nick over Tinder.

Surprisingly enough, there were a lot of woman who had been a victim of Nick’s misogynistic behavior and attitude. As Tinder realized this post was gaining more popularity, they immediately banned Nick from the site for life. Bumble has also banned him.


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