Michael Phelps Did Not Race A Real Shark And Everyone Is Utterly Disappointed

On Sunday, the highly-anticipated race between swimming Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps and a Great White Shark occurred, and well, fans were left feeling pure sadness. Now, maybe it was our fault for being naïve and believing that Phelps and a Great White would be put in side by side lanes to race, but we were all still hopeful.

The Discovery Channel got everyone hyped up to view this race and see if Phelps could stick to his word and actually beat a shark, but all we got was a race between him and a CGI version of the animal. Basically, the race was all an estimation of what experts think would happen if the two raced. In the end, however, the shark defeated Phelps by two seconds to win the fake race. 

Phelps vs. Shark was an hour-long event and well, that’s an hour of our lives that none of us will ever get back. Our question of who is faster might seem to be answered, but it never will be unless we actually see Phelps race a living, breathing shark.

Even though Phelps did not beat the Great White Shark, he technically did beat a reef shark, whose time was .2 seconds higher than Phelps. But overall, no one really cares about the Reef Shark, we just wanted to see him take on a real Great White Shark.   


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