Metal Gear Solid Director Says Movie Could Be Massive

The adaptation of a video game into a movie is not a new trend or field. Although not always successful, as in with the creation of the movie BloodRayne, the production of a video game movie can have extreme monetary benefits, such as with Resident Evil. This is exactly why the director of the adaptation of Metal Gear Solid, Jordan Vogt-Roberts, is taking this task very seriously. The video game’s rating is very high, as is the movie budget.

As a result, Roberts believes this will help the tone of the film as well as aid the cast and crew in developing a fantastic script and layout. Roberts plans on keeping the storyline from the video game as original and accurate as possible in the movie. As he stated, “Metal Gear is an important story, an important set of characters”. Roberts main goal and desire with this film to lure individuals who have no connection to the Metal Gear Solid video game and to attract them to love the concept of the story as much as he does. As of now, there is no information regarding a movie release date. We hope it’s soon though!


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