How to Wear White Jeans

          Wearing white jeans is a tough feat. Sometimes they can be emasculating but sometimes they can make you look manly enough with a feminine and sensitive side. There are some major things you need to know before wearing white jeans. Confidence is key. If you feel uncomfortable wearing white jeans, then you will act that way and people will be able to notice. If you walk with your head held high wearing your white jeans, no one will even think twice about it. The fit of the pant is everything. White jeans should not fit like dad jeans. White jeans, specifically, must fit you like a glove.

            It’s also very important to note that you must wear light color underwear when wearing white jeans. White jeans aren’t necessarily transparent but if you were wearing black underwear with white jeans, you’ll be able to tell. White jeans match with every color so don’t be afraid to have fun with it – wear a patterned button down or a bright colored t-shirt, don’t just wear black. When wearing white jeans be very aware of what you’re sitting on and where you go. White jeans can get dirty very easily so you have to be on high alert. The last thing you want is a black stain on your rear while you’re walking around a party.


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