How to Wear White Jeans

          Wearing white jeans is a tough feat. Sometimes they can be emasculating but sometimes they can make you look manly enough with a feminine and sensitive side. There are some major things you need to know before wearing white jeans. Confidence is key. If you feel uncomfortable wearing white jeans, then you will act that way and people will be able to notice. If you walk with your head held high wearing your white jeans, no one will even think twice about it. The fit of the pant is everything. White jeans should not fit like dad jeans. White jeans, specifically, must fit you like a glove.

            It’s also very important to note that you must wear light color underwear when wearing white jeans. White jeans aren’t necessarily transparent but if you were wearing black underwear with white jeans, you’ll be able to tell. White jeans match with every color so don’t be afraid to have fun with it – wear a patterned button down or a bright colored t-shirt, don’t just wear black. When wearing white jeans be very aware of what you’re sitting on and where you go. White jeans can get dirty very easily so you have to be on high alert. The last thing you want is a black stain on your rear while you’re walking around a party.


Balding? With Have Some Lifesaving Tips For You

We know it’s a delicate topic, but some things HAVE to be said. For those who are becoming bald, there are some important issues that have to be addressed. But before getting into them, acceptance is the first step to deal with this problem in the best way. Balding men need to accept what is happening to them and deal with the problem instead of trying to hide it in any way possible. So here’s a brief guide on dos and don'ts for balding men.

EMOM Workouts and Why You Should Give Them a Try

If you’re ever interested in a new workout plan or simply bored with your old one, you should consider giving the EMOM workout a try. EMOM is an acronym that stands for “every minute on the minute,” meaning you start a new move with a specific rep count every minute. Once you complete the reps, you get to recover for the rest of the minute. “The trick is that your rest time is also built into that minute, so the slower you move, the less rest you get,” says Jess Sims, a NASM-certified personal trainer and instructor at Shadowbox and Fitting Room in New York City.

We Asked Girls How to Flirt With Them in a Bar

When you meet a hot girl in a bar, chances are high that you really want to take her home or if you are a gentleman, ask her first on a date. However, most of the times you blew it off and you don’t even know why. So here it is, a brief guide of dos and don’ts, not from scholars or researchers, but simply from those girls you’re so interested in.