Which Cologne Should You Be Wearing?


You know when you want to have your own smell but don’t know which cologne suits you?  Well, same! Here are some of the best colognes and what you need to know about each when deciding your scent. 

Givenchy by Givenchy: this cologne has a masculine scent with a subtle twist of florals. The perfect balance of masculine with a touch of feminine. This is for a gentleman, one who isn’t afraid to show his emotions.

Which Cologne Should You Be Wearing?

Light Blue Pour Homme by Dolce and Gabbana: this cologne is made for the type of man that is sensual and modern but also really cares about his appearance. This man works out and likes to keep a healthy physique.

Which Cologne Should You Be Wearing?

Sauvage by Dior: this cologne is for the businessman. With its woody smell, this scent screams power and nobility.

Which Cologne Should You Be Wearing?

Bleu de Chanel by Chanel: this cologne is for your average, conventional man. This scent is a combination of woody and citrusy. You smell and feel fresh when you wear it. Not to mention, the scent is profoundly sensual.

Which Cologne Should You Be Wearing?

Burberry Brit Rhythm by Burberry: this Leather fragrance is ideal for a man who doesn’t want it to be super obvious that he is wearing cologne. The smell is fresh and crisp yet subtle and understated.

There’s a scent for everyone! You just have to know what you like and what you’re going for and you’ll have your significant other fawning all over you.


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