McDonald’s New Utensil to Help You Eat

Just when you thought everything important had already been invented, McDonalds pulls out a new odd invention no one ever thought would exist. Of course, McDonald’s is always up to date with their options, but apparently now with their utensils as well.

McDonald’s seemed to have a created a fork with the teeth made out of French fries in order to help you eat your meal. They call this legendary invention the “Frork.” A commercial has been released about the Frork and has been represented by Andy Sullivan. The famous commercial introduces their signature-crafted recipes and describes their new creation as “a utensil that sort of looks – works like a fork but with French fries!” The commercial demonstrates how if your sauces fall out of your burger as you eat, the Frork is used to clean up the mess.

Now McDonald’s fans are not too impressed by their nonsensical design. Many Twitter users have been making fun of the Frork and complaining how this is the best they could come up with. The Internet wants to believe this is all just a lousy joke but is it really? Would McDonald’s really come out with such a useless tool?


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