McDonald’s Employee Helps Lead Authorities To Cleveland Facebook Killer

Steven Stephens earned himself the name of “The Cleveland Facebook Killer” since he filmed himself shooting an innocent man to death and then posted it on his Facebook page. This resulted in a police search that stretched beyond six states. Finally, police were able to track him down with the help of a local McDonald’s employee.

According to the owner of the McDonald’s where Stephens was seen, an employee who was working the drive-thru window in Harborcreek Township, Pennsylvania recognized the killer and immediately took action. He tried to stall Stephens’s order of French fries while he contacted authorities. Stephens must have caught on and realized that he was recognized as he left the premises before getting his full order.

The police arrived just in time, though, and found him a few streets away from the fast food chain. They were able to surround him, and left him with no choice but to surrender. He then shot himself, making the decision to choose death over prison.

This McDonald’s employee deserves thanks as he helped catch an angry serial killer who could have potentially killed even more innocent people.


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