Marvel’s The Defenders Gets First Teaser, With a Hidden Premiere Date

Netflix has done it again! A very new exciting team-up superhero show will be available to the public August 18th. The show is called The Defenders and an official trailer was just released this week. The superhero team in the show will be comprised of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage. Apparently, filming for the movie just ended so this release date seems true!

The trailer was very clever. It was sort of a short teaser-movie. They called it the “Midland Circle Security Elevator B”. The teaser was shot from the perspective of an elevator camera where you see the defenders going down prior to Jessica Jones punching the camera. The short clip ends with a timestamp that read, “08:18:20:17”.

Despite the cleverness, it did not provide so much insight on what the premise of the show will be about. However, according to Entertainment Weekly, the building where the elevator is located is the place where all members of the team will first meet. There they will join forces to fight a group of enemies. There were lots of little clues in the trailer that could potentially be there for foreshadowing purposes.


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