Man Says Vegan Diet Cured Him of Cancer

Rob Mooberry had only a few weeks left to live. His colorectal cancer had reached the critical stages of stage 4 and he was in pain. Chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and invasive surgery were the doctor’s instructions, but after the first round, Mooberry decided his body needed a break.

“When I finished chemo, oncologists said they needed to do more directly and I did not really want to. I had to heal, it was when I knew I had to do something to defeat this cancer, I was really willing to try anything to save my life, so I started eating super raw vegan food.” Mooberry said in an interview with The Daily Mail.

His doctors told him that his attempts to cure cancer with a renewed herbal diet were “naive,” but Mooberry was only one to feel better. He was vegan, took herbs and even tasted coffee enemas. On his next exploration, a few months later, he showed something that surprised everyone: his cancer was reduced by nearly 80%. Nearly a year of progress since this scan and Mooberry scans showed almost no signs of the disease.

Man Says Vegan Diet Cured Him of Cancer

Today, Mooberry is celebrating his fifth anniversary of cancer absence to form his own cancer charity, the Mo Mu House Foundation, and to talk about their dietary experience in the fight against the disease.

“I’m not here in my gallery, saying that everyone has to go to plants and be vegan. But if I’m going to ask what I’m working on, I’ll tell you. Nutrition Anyone who chooses this practice should study, evaluate, and assess whether it’s right for them.” he said.

For decades, alternative medicine practitioners and patients have announced the power of herbal nutrition. The Documentary 2011 Forks More Knights Alleged exploration of the possibility of plant nutrition can eradicate and control diseases and diseases; Stories about herbal diets that cure brain cancer among college students and chronic pain for everyday Americans are everywhere.

In February 2015, the American Cancer Society published its recommendations that cancer survivors include “cautious diets” or vegetable diets that are high in unrefined fruit, vegetables, and grains, as well as poorly processed meats. red. refined grains and sugar.

Of course, a herbal diet can increase the health of cancer patients and, well, people in general. But no federal council or medical association can promote a vegan diet as an independent cure for cancer. (As we’ve already reported, you should also be skeptical about what’s known as “super food” that’s supposed to cure cancer).

Man Says Vegan Diet Cured Him of Cancer

In 2014, a group of Irish nutrition and cancer organizations stepped up their strategy to reverse the false theories of veganism and cancer. Instead of helping to cure the disease, Dr. Declan Byrne, president of the Irish Institute of Nutrition and Dietetics, says that veganism could do more harm to the patient’s health.

“A vegan diet that removes proteins and livestock from the milk is likely to result in inadequate protein intake and muscle breakdown, in addition to not providing adequate vitamins and minerals to the patients,” he said the Year 2014.

Often, individual remedies and recovery are achieved through multi-faceted approaches, making it difficult to claim a single panacea. Chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgery, which impose a physical and psychological burden, have proven effective on many occasions. As Mooberry points out, every person should consult their cancer treatment team or health care professionals about a plan that works for them.


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