Man Eats Potatoes for One Year and Loses 117 Pounds

The motto of Andrew Flinders is: “Make your food boring and your life interesting.” He sticked to it for a whole year, when he only ate potatoes for a full year. He used to weigh 334 pounds and dropped 117 pounds after one year. He called this diet the “Spud Fit Challenge.” So we can only ask ourselves: Is it safe to eat only potatoes for a whole year?

What about protein? First of all, during his diet he ate all kinds of potatoes. To add some flavor, he put dried herbs or fat free barbecue sauce. Also, he drank water and supplemented with a B12 vitamin for whatever he was missing. He didn’t limit the amount of potatoes, he ate as much as he needed.

For the first month, he didn’t work out at all and still dropped 22 pounds, but then he added some exercise to his routine and lost more. Potatoes are a great source of fiber and carbs which can make you feel full. Potatoes are also rich in vitamin C potassium and sweet potatoes are also full with vitamin A.


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