Making a Murderer Coming Back for Second Season, But it’s Not What You Expect

At the end of the first episode of Making a Murderer, Steven Avery is exonerated of rape and attempted murder, after already serving 18 years of his 32 year sentence. This however, is only the beginning of a bizarre and mesmerizing odyssey which sees him arrested and convicted for the murder of Teresa Halbacj in 2007, as told by documenters Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos. The 10 episode season ended with Avery still sitting in prison, waiting for a new trial.

And now, Netflix has announced that Making a Murderer will return for a second season. The new episodes will follow Avery and his co-defendant Brendan Dassey as their “respective investigative and legal teams challenge their convictions and the state fights to have the convictions and life sentences upheld.”

“We are extremely grateful for the tremendous response to, and support of, the series,” Ricciardi and Demos said in a statement. “The viewers’ interest and attention has ensured that the story is not over, and we are fully committed to continuing to document events as they unfold.”

But as it returns, this will be a different show, as the creators stressed.

“The story does continue,” Demos said. “We are committed to finding a way to follow it, and we’ll need to explore a different way to do it this time, because it is in the zeitgeist, it is in the 24-hour news cycle. So we’re looking at new ways of doing that.”


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