LeBron Stating He’s Been a Great Player for 16 Years and Counting

If you’re keeping up with the NBA playoffs, you are one to know that LeBron James is playing at his best right now. In fact, it seems that James himself is very aware at how good of a player he is and has been for the past 16 years.

Before Friday’s Game 3 against Toronto Raptors, James spoke with media and was asked why he is so good in the playoffs. Of course all reporters want is to find more ways to ask the same questions to obtain new juicy quotes and for most stars, this could be tough. However, after being asked if there was another gear to his game, he replied with, “I don’t know. We’ll see. I’ve been playing at the best for quite a while now. Since I was about 16.”

James had quite a few interesting perspectives about addressing serious topics and also had no problem talking about the topic of himself. He explains, “You can make a name for yourself that last longer than you play the game, I just try to put myself in a position where I guess remembered when I’m done playing.” Well, with the continuation of the season, we know there will be more where that came from.


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