The Truth Everyone Should Know About King Tut

Just like many other royal bloodlines, Ancient Egyptian royal families practiced incest as well. Schools typically teach about different European rulers who had children with their relatives in order to keep their bloodline “pure”.

However, you rarely hear about other cultures that practiced incest. Recently, researchers tested King Tut’s mitochondrial DNA and found some surprising and disturbing information. Through this testing, it was discovered that King Tut’s mother and Father were, in fact, siblings.

To make things even more bizarre, however, was that King Tut married his half-sister, Ankhesenamun. They shared the same father. However, Ankhesenamun’s mother was likely Nefertiti, who was also likely King Tut’s mother.

This means that Ankhesenamun was not only Tut’s wife, but she was also his half-sister, possibly his full blood sister, and maybe even his stepmother.

The Truth Everyone Should Know About King Tut

Furthermore, research shows that despite King Tut’s physical perfection created through the artwork of the time, he suffered from a severe overbite, a disfigured foot, curved spine, a skewed face, and even epilepsy.

According to popular myth, King Tut died in a chariot accident. However, this new research revealed some more disturbing facts about King Tut. Most experts believe that King Tut died at the age of 19 due to his contraction of Malaria among other physical ailments that were caused by the incest of his parents.


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