KFC Releases Fried Chicken Sunscreen and It’s Already Sold Out!

In a world of high tech gadgets and endless brand synergy, it seems impossible for new products to surprise us these days. But KFC have managed to do just that, by releasing fried chicken scented sunscreen. That’s right.  They’ve produced a limited supply of SPF-30 sunscreen lotion that’ll have you smelling like your favorite extra crispy chicken.

They’ve also included a warning to not consume the sunscreen, despite instinct telling us otherwise once you catch your first whiff of the skin saving lotion.

The warning on their site reads:

      “Do not eat this product. Even though this product smells delicious, it is not delicious.”

Their entire inventory was gone before the internet had time to react to it. Bottles are already appearing on sites like eBay for the masses to purchase the one off product at an obscene markup.

Now we’ll just wait for some Burger King hand cream.