Kevin Durant Was Roasted By Peyton Manning And KD Was Less Than Amused

Last night Peyton Manning, retired Broncos quarterback, hosted the 25th ESPY awards. While he was extremely funny to viewers, there were many athletes who did not think so.

Last year, after OKC’s loss to Golden State in the Western Conference Finals, there was a lot of poking fun at KD after he joined GSW. Obviously that was going to be a joke made at the ESPYs, but no matter how many times Durant hears them, he doesn’t find these jokes amusing at all.   

Manning, during his monologue, said “Our gymnastics team was so dominant that Kevin Durant told me he wants to play for them next year.” The next frame was a close up of Durant looking annoyed and angry. Even though KD was not being a good sport, his mother sure was laughing.

He follows up this joke by saying “And I don’t think you’d start for them Kevin. Russell Westbrook what do you think?” The crowd roared and the next frame showed Westbrook giving the same reaction Durant had.

These two ex-teammates may have beef but they were both on the same page when listening to Manning poke fun at them. Even though they weren’t laughing, we can assure you the audience was. 


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