Kevin Durant Was Ready To Leave A Lot Of Money On The Table When Re-Signing With GSW

After Kevin Durant’s move to Golden State last year from OKC, there was no doubt that he would return to the Warriors, especially after winning his first championship ring this past season. KD apparently signed a 2-year deal worth roughly $53 million.

We were a little shocked at the number Durant signed with, until we realized just how much of a team player Durant truly is. Some thought KD would sign a deal a tad closer to the value of Steph Curry’s, whose $200 million deal is the biggest in NBA history.

But, with talk of the possibility of losing Andre Iguodala, Durant agreed to a lesser pay check to ensure that there would be enough money to sign Iguodala. The 1 year veteran for Golden State was even willing to take less if Iguodala did not sign and they were going to sign free agent Rudy Gay. No doubt that KD’s acts are extremely selfless.

Durant will be making $25 million his next season on the Warriors, which certainly is a lot of money, but definitely not as much as he deserves. The MVP of the NBA finals averaged 25.1 points, 8.3 rebounds and 4.8 assists this past season. 


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