Jurassic World 2 Director Says it Will Be Better Than the First Movie

Colin Trevorrow, director of Jurassic World, has recently admitted his insights on the sequel. During his recent interview with Screen Rant, Trevorrow had been discussing his new upcoming film, The Book of Henry. While he was at it, he managed to reveal that Jurassic World 2 might in fact be better than the first one. Funny thing is, he isn’t even the one directing it.

Trevorrow started as a co-writer for the script however he backed out in order to focus and prepare on directing for Star Wars: Episode IX in 2019. The Orphanage director, J.A Bayona, will continue to direct the film and Trevorrow has great confidence in him. “He is a different director but it’s interesting, we have so many similar instincts as far as suspense and family and fears of childhood and the perspective that we want to tell the story from that.”

Not too many details are known about the upcoming dinosaur action movie however, Chris Pratt is definitely returning into the mix as well as Bryce Dallace and the original trilogy’s Jeff Goldblum. If you didn’t get a quick scare form the first movie just wait for the second. Jurassic World 2 will be stomping into theaters June 22, 2018.


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