John Tortorella Says No Way Lebron Could Skate

LeBron James is one of the most athletic human beings on the planet, and many like to wonder if one of the all-time NBA greats could transfer his talent to a different sport.

It’s a great sports bar and barbershop debate, and it usually lends itself to a discussion of whether LeBron could make it in the NFL or MLB if he put his mind to it. One sport you rarely hear as a sport LeBron could dominate at is hockey, but it’s one that was raised to Columbus Blue Jackets coach John Tortorella on Wednesday.

“Not a chance, he can’t skate,” Tortorella said to 92.3 The Fan in Cleveland.

When pressed and asked about if LeBron had grown up skating, Tortorella remained defiant.

“He’s too damn big, he can’t skate. And you can tell him I said that, I challenge him. Tell him to get his ass out here and come on the ice with us, I want to see him skate.”

Will we see LeBron suit up in hockey pads to shoot down coach Tortorella’s challenge? Time will tell.


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