John Mayer Releases Quirky Music Video That Everyone is Raving About

John Mayer released his new music video for his new single, “New Light” this past Friday. A little before the video was released on YouTube, Mayer went to social media saying.

“I needed to make a video for New Light but nobody could agree on a budget. (MUSIC INDUSTRY amirite?) So I went to this place downtown and made this with a company that usually does birthday and Bar Mitzvah videos.”

Social media was living for this unique twist to a video, giving his tweet over 150,000 likes and retweets.

This hilarious, low-budget video has everybody laughing, in a good way. The entire video is filled with green screen dances, zebras, fireworks, and stock image ladies. Mayer openly shows that he does not care about a fancy, high-cost video to show off his new single.

He knows that the real way to get it out there and to let people listen is to show that he is open to all sorts of changes to his style, including low-budget ones that involve green screens and tacky wardrobes.

Mayer has received plenty of praise and acknowledgement from fans and music artist for being different with this music video. He showed his audience that not everyone needs a fancy budget for just a music video.

Some of us still have not forgiven John for what he did to Taylor Swift back in the day, so we are still unsure if this hilarious video has made up for it yet (listen to Dear John by Taylor Swift if you are confused).


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