Huge Upset for U.S Mens Soccer

The Men’s Soccer World Cup is one of the world’s most anticipated events.  The Men’s World Cup only occurs once every four years, making everything surrounding this champion soccer league extremely anticipated and exciting. Nations go all out in support for their national teams.  The last World Cup title was competed for between Argentina and Germany. However, Germany prevailed and has since held the Men’s World Cup title.

The World Cup is a worldwide soccer tournament where teams from all different countries compete with one another by playing soccer matches against one another until eventually, there’s one team that prevails.  Many countries such as Germany, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Portugal, England, and many others pride themselves on their soccer abilities. Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world, if not the most popular, and soccer fans from many nations look forward to watching the World Cup each year.

However, before a country has the ability to compete in the World Cup, which is being hosted in Russia in 2018, the teams have to undergo a decent amount of qualifying rounds. Unfortunately, for the first time in a very long time, the men’s team of the United States of America did not qualify to compete in this year’s games. And although soccer is not the most popular sport among America’s sports fanatics, the fact that the all powerful United States did not qualify for a multi national and global competition was very sad and disheartening for many of the Americans who are, in fact, devout soccer fans.


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