How to Squat the Right Way

There is nothing like a good sore after a really intense workout, especially in the glutes. Most people enjoy working out that part of the body by doing a very famous exercise called the squat. The squat can be extremely effective and if done properly, squats can strengthen your knees and hamstrings, which can ultimately avoid many injuries.

Trainer at Barry’s Bootcamp describes all the good traits about this particular exercise explains that a squat “strengthens and tones the lower body, like your glutes, quads, and hamstrings, and also works your core.” However, an issue with squats is that it can easily be done incorrectly which can really mess up one’s back.

The first mistake people have made is rounding the back, which can put too much stress on your lumbar spine. A recommendation is to practice your squat before putting weight onto the barbell. Another important rule is too never lift too heavy, this can definitely lead to injury.

Always make sure that your heels are well pressed against the floor as well in order to emphasize the movement in the glutes.

And lastly, be cautious that your knees are not moving inward but that they are facing outward. This will ultimately help you gain strength and stability.


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