How to Choose the Right Hair Paste

When I was in my early teens, finding the right hair paste was a major challenge. You’d see those David Beckham-style dos everywhere you went, no matter what you used. Thankfully, hope was not lost – I was lucky enough to meet a great hair stylist back then, who saved my self-esteem by pointing out the disadvantages of hard gels.

She recommended Bumble and Bumble Sumotech, which I still swear by.

Bumble and Bumble Sumotech

This is a combination between wax and cream, neutral enough to let you know what to do if it’s not working right. Still, I’ve found it works better than almost anything in the vast majority of cases. If yours turns out to be an exception to the rule, there are two other great options: Malin + Goetz sage styling cream and Dove sculpting paste.


How to Choose the Right Hair Paste

Malin + Goetz is Better for Longer Hair

If you’re growing your hair out, you’ll need to change the “short hair” paste because your longer hair will look bulky with it on. What is more, gravity is doing its part, so you won’t need as much control now. This styling cream adds shine and control, yet remains light enough to make it possible to let your hair flow naturally.


How to Choose the Right Hair Paste

Dove Men+Care – For Those on a Budget

Although it’s budget-friendly, Dove’s product does offer great value. It’s not quite as re-workable and flexible as my other choices, and it’s also somewhat heavier, but it’s available everywhere and low-fuss.


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