How Texas Instrument is Ruling the Market Despite Inferior Tech

How they manage to continue making their fortune is certainly a surprise to me. In today’s day and age, technology changes on a yearly, sometimes even monthly basis, with companies competing on whose newest and most innovative products will enter the market first.

Nevertheless, it appears that Texas Instrument does not need to participate in these competitions as they have managed to reign dominance over their market.

These calculators can cost up to $160 a piece and when your high school forces you to buy one, you have no choice but to oblige. Not only has the technology of the Texas Instrument calculator remained the same, but the design as well.

In some of our lives, we have seen computers and phones, even cars, get smaller and slimmer and more beautiful with advancement.

Despite this fact, the Texas Instrument calculators still have their large “brick” like shape after all these years. Yet they continue to be the largest manufacture of calculators. 

Unfortunately, we’ll just have to wait until someone comes and disrupts the calculator market. 


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