How Texting is Hurting Relationships

Due to the emergence of new technology into everyday life, different interactions and situations that people within society encounter on a daily basis are continuously changing. Some of these changes are notably for the better, while others may be impacting your real life relationships poorly. Almost everyone in the United States uses texting as a primary means of communication.

Texting is super convenient when you’re busy and just want to have a casual conversation with a friend or need information from a colleague who responds rapidly over text and sluggishly over email. Sadly, texting has also led to a variety of behaviors that can alter relationships between people pretty negatively.

One of the worst habits that people encounter when they utilize texting a basic means of communication with their friends and partners is when one of them is slow to respond, or, even worse, forgets to respond. Most people are guilty of not always responding to text messages right away.

How Texting is Hurting Relationships

There is a new phrase for the act of ignoring a text and waiting a long time to reply, and that is called “cricketing”. This is the name for the term because it implies the sound of chirping crickets, which typically occurs as the sound effect that represents when people are waiting for something that may never be coming.

More and more couples have been encountering problems in their relationship due to the act of cricketing. While waiting a long time to respond may not always be intentional, it definitely makes the person on the receiving end of the message feel unwanted or upset.


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