How Future Made His Own Rap Genre

Future started rapping early on in 2011, but it wasn’t until 2014 that he really became the popular rapper that he is today.

Despite this fact, in the short few years that rapper Future has been in the game, he managed to introduce his new sound to the world and influence numerous to get involved in the music industry themselves.

Little did he know that his unique low voice, emotional, yet somehow simultaneously not emotional, lyrics and his distinctive style could generate such a strong movement within music and cause people to enjoy listening to songs about being addicted to substances and sex.

How Future Made His Own Rap Genre

Future is absolutely aware of the fact that famous rappers, such as Desiigner, 21 Savage, and Timmy Turner, attempt to imitate his form of music and make it their own. He has even commented on it, stating that he is “really the plug” and his copycats are just a fade.

It’s certainly possible that Future made this statement without anyone particular in mind. However, surprisingly enough, some of these rappers’ hit singles have placed higher on the Billboard Top 100 than Future’s own songs so it makes sense that he would be pissed off.

Future has continued to impress the world with his music, and we’re always waiting for his next release because we know it will be a hit.


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