Homeland Security Provides Aid Despite Border Patrol Union Presidents Comments

Border Patrol troops in the south were in need of assistance and the Department of Homeland Security came to the rescue. With approval from President Donald Trump, the National Guard helped the Border Patrol apprehend illegal crossers and narcotics. Yet for some reason, the Border Patrol Union president declared the assistance was a “colossal waste of resources.”

This statement wasn’t taken to kindly especially since the Border Patrol agents gladly accepted the help.

Based on recent DHS data from the Washington Examiner, Homeland Security and the Border Patrol together managed to successfully apprehend 4,116 illegal immigrants and sent 1,182 illegal passengers back. Additionally, since April of this year, they managed to find and seize 3,486 pounds of marijuana.

So why did the president of the Border Patrol state that he has seen “no benefit” from the assistance of the Department of Homeland Security? Strangely enough, he originally supported President Trump’s executive order of the DHS helping in the southern border.

Nevertheless, he somehow changed his mind.

Regardless of his opinion, the statistics show that the National Guard immensely helped the troops. It is unclear how much more assistance they will be providing or if their services were just needed for a specific project.


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