Here’s What’ll Happen if You Eat Nothing but Proteins

The best diet is a varied one, one that has fruits, vegetables, proteins, carbs all together. Despite that, the latest trend is to avoid certain food categories to loose weigh as fast as possible. For instance, some diets suggest to eat proteins only avoiding carbs at all costs. We have found out what happens to your body when you do that.

The less serious results are a bad mood and a bad breath. When we stop eating carbs, we use the energies we accumulated in the past that are kept in our body as “emergency,” in case of need. Once we run out of “extra energies,” we are actually more hungry and want to eat more than we used to before we started the diet. So we start loosing and putting up weight, going up and down on the scale weekly. We loose weight fast but we gain more even faster. If we eat too much proteins we also risk damaging our kidneys to the point that we could get kidney stones. Besides those serious effects, this kind of diet can cause insomnia and food poisoning. From now on, do some research before starting an extreme diet!


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