Here’s What You Need to Purge From Your Kitchen Now

Let’s be real: we cannot go through winter without cleaning the kitchen even if the big cleaning season is spring. There will be that one rainy and cold Sunday when we’ll be home and we’ll have the chance to actually go through the kitchen cabinets and realize we need some cleaning action.

If you have a stuck honey jar, we have the solution for you: try running it under hot water. If that doesn’t work, just throw it away and keep on cleaning.

Throw away all the old spices and vinegar that were opened more than a month ago.

Put together the left pasta you never decided to cook. Throw the box and put it in a jar, it will make your cabinet tidier.

Heres What You Need to Purge From Your Kitchen Now

If you have some open food that has been there for a while, toss it. There is no reason to keep it unless you want to get a stomach pain and avoid work the next day! Even sugar doesn’t last forever. If it’s solid it’s time to throw it away. Same thing for stale opened crackers: if the box stayed open there’s not much you can do about it.

After the cleaning and tossing action, you will probably be hungry and make yourself a yummy dish just this time keep it clean and wrap things you use properly so that the food doesn’t get ruined! Bon Appetite!


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