Haircuts for Homeless: One Good Deed Leads to Another

Brennon Jones, a former barber who lives in Philadelphia, is known in the area for spending most of his leisure time giving out free haircuts to the homeless.

Jones, 29, says he would strike up a conversation with homeless people on the street and would offer them something completely unexpected: a free haircut. He said it’s kind of like a new beginning for the homeless people that he gives haircuts too. He just wanted to see a smile on people’s face. This inspired him to dust off his clippers and hop in the car, stopping every so often to offer someone a free haircut. He would plug his clippers into a power inverter that was plugged in in his car.

The first haircut turned into tens of haircuts which turned into hundreds. He created a social media page called “Haircuts for Homeless” where he would post live stream videos of his haircuts on Facebook, which quickly became viral.

Haircuts for Homeless: One Good Deed Leads to Another

Recently, he has been concerned that he would not be able to continue this good and simple deed during the winter cold until a complete stranger offered him something he couldn’t refuse: a barber shop. Sean Johnson, 44, a barber and business owner had been hanging onto an empty barbershop for almost two years. After hearing Jones’s amazing story, he was inspired to offer him his empty shop, no strings attached.

Jones continues to cut hair for the homeless on Mondays, which he likes to call “Makeover Mondays,” as well as provides them toiletries and food as needed. He opens the shop, Phenomenal Perfection, to paying customers Tuesday through Saturday.


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