Hackers of Netflix and ABC May Be Targeted Again

Netflix and ABC are in deep fear now that they found out they may be hacked again. After the hacker known as TheDarkOverload targeted Netflix and released 10 episodes of Orange is the New Black’s fifth season they aren’t quite finished yet. The Hollywood Reporter states a chilling statement that “Hollywood is under attack and we’re at the forefront of this most recent offensive. They have admitted to also leaking eight episodes of the unreleased series Steve Harvey’s Funderdome.

The group confirms they have feature films in stock as well as unaired television shows and movies from networks such as National Geographic and IFC. Of course, all the hackers desire in return is a large sum of money however, Netflix, Disney and ABC have refused to cough up the cash even though many already have.

TheDarkOverload makes it clear that he is maintaining his one goal that anything stolen by them will only be given back “once an agreed-upon payment is made.” They make themselves seem to be quite a “professional operation.” Many companies are not giving in even though the hackers swiped properties from Fox including the famous comedy New Girl. Well, we better watch out for TheDarkOverlord’s next plan in theft.


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